Akere Muna’s message on the memorial service of his late brother Batonnier Ben Muna.

Akere Muma

Letter to my brother Batonnier Akere Muna November 2019


Batonnier Akere Muna

Batonnier Akere Muna October 6, 2020

Earlier today October 6, 2020 Common law lawyers and Muna and Muna and Associates law firm in Yaoundé Cameroonian held a memorial service for the great legal,patriarch Batonnier Ben Muna who died October 6th, 2019. The Common law lawyers and Muna and Muna and Associates law firm Yaoundé also honored the president of the Cameroon Bar Association  Batonnier Charles Chakounte Patie, who died on 04 of October 2020, in France
Batonnier Charles Patie Tchakoute

Batonnier Charles Patie Tchakoute October 4, 2020


Prominent Cameroonian lawyer Akere Muna spoke about  his late elder brother in a passionate way, and laid emphasis on the legacy he left behind. He encouraged everyone who attended never to give up and to continue to strive for change for a better Cameroon.
Late Batonnier Ben Muna's

Late Batonnier Ben Muna’s October 6, 2020

He writes:
As today October 6 comes to a close, I must express my sincere thanks to all those who have accompanied us in commemorating the first year without Ni BEN. From the Pastor who led the delegation to lay a wreath on his grave in the village, to all the Common law lawyers and the interim Head of our a Bar Association. In the prayer meditation and song session we had at the Foundation the emotion was palpable. The picture of the just departed Bâtonnier Tchakoute gave another dimension to the Pastor’s reflection on the cycle of life and the fate that is reserved for each and everyone of us.
October 5 Me Paul Guillaumond Ni BEN

October 5 Me Paul Guillaumond Ni BEN died October 6, 2020


Yesterday October 5 Me Paul Guillaumond Ni BEN’s very first associate here in Yaounde died in France. Death does have sting. This evening the pain of the sting of death was soothed by the deep reflections of Pastor Chou the piano notes of Thierry and unique and angelic voice of Annette. Ni BEN is indeed resting in peace and so will Bâtonnier Tchakoute.
akere muna