Amazing kid

Amazing transformation of the Starving Nigerian boy HOPE abandoned ‘for being a witch’

Little boy who was branded a witch and left to starve to death 5 years ago, becomes best man at a wedding in Akwa Ibom snd his mother Anja took to her Facebook page to celebrate her son.

 Starving Nigerian boy

In exactly 40 days today we are going to celebrate that Hope was rescued 5 years ago. To be exact, Hope was rescued on the 30 of January 2016.

I cannot wait 40 days to share these pictures of Hope 😂 He is simply to cute and handsome 😍

 Starving Nigerian boy

Last week Hope was best man at Don Udowan, our Education officer’s wedding and Hope just shined like a little star 🌟🌟

 Starving Nigerian boy

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that 5 years have already passed. I remember the day we rescued Hope as if it was yesterday.

 Starving Nigerian boy

As most of you know I have the name HOPE tattooed on my fingers. A tattoo I got many years ago even long before I ever travelled to Nigeria. Because for more than a decade now it’s been my mission in life to: Help One Person Everyday: HOPE 🌟

Many of you have been following our work since we rescued Hope and witnessed his amazing transformation. He is a SURVIVOR and one day he will be old enough to travel the world and tell his story.

We owe everything to you, our followers, sponsors, supporters and members 🌟

Love from Anja ❤️