Let me reintroduce you all to one of the most talked about Cameroonian singers seriouly trending on social media. Talking here about no other person than Salatiel.
Salatiel Livenja Bessong, popularly known as Salatiel, is a young Cameroonian artist working diligently in both Cameroon and America.
 He is the founder and CEO of his own record label, Alpha Better Records, which is one of the biggest record labels in Cameroon right now.
Cameroon artist Sataliel
 He has worked with artists from all over the world. From Mr. Leo, a well-known Cameroonian artist, to the don himself, Don Jazzy, and has now broken new barriers with his recent collaboration with Beyoncé.
Cameroon artist Sataliel
Salatiel, Sala’a
You’ve made Cameroon well known in many parts of the world especially in my own state, New york.
The song with Beyonce  “Water is life, water is hope, water signifies rebirth. “
Salatiel 2020 #water ft @beyonce and @pharrell,
Is seriously trending and most importantly, the video vividly portrays our African culture.
 Salatiel, I want you to always remember this “A prophet is never recognized in his own home.
Please make sure you always go where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated.
Once again thank you for putting Cameroon on the map and keep making us proud. https://youtu.be/LBgE9AqrKwA