Cameroonian 🇨🇲 singer Dencia replies Brenda Biya with a court case
Cameroonian 🇨🇲 singer Dencia replies Brenda Biya with a court case
Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur Dencia, posted the following message below on her official page
Brenda Biya
Brenda Timeline
This has been going on since July, I kept quiet because I had to file the complaints & lawsuits, my lawyers had to do research etc.
2015-Some1 emails me who works 4 the presidency/Brenda Biya that she desperately wants me 2 help with her Image in La.I agreed on 1 condition, I don’t want any public association with the Biya’s cuz I don’t Want Cameroonians 2 say that’s how I got $$
Fortunately 4 me,after the back & 4ths, we never met but she ended up working with people I referred to her who came back 2 me & said don’t do it.Mentally unstable & can’t afford the life she wants. No contact until June 2021 when she hears of my Cameroonian Trip.Says she wants 2 book me & some celebs 4 her bday, the person she was talking 2 warned me not 2 even deal with her, that she can’t afford US.She allegedly couldn’t go 2 Cameroon & asked me to come to Europe & meet her parents & I told her I couldn’t cuz our jet is RT.I start talking 2 her, 1st thing she asks is for me 2 help her get verified on IG, which I did with  my contacts at FB & Publicist.She’s currently verified instead of thanking me, she decided 2 go on a defamation spree about me.All this happened the same week my sister died, I was at my lowest.I then realized Brenda literally Marked me
Cameroonian 🇨🇲 singer Dencia replies Brenda Biya with a court case
 intentionally to Defame me cuz of the people she is associated  with who apparently have issues with me & this person is some1 I literally picked from the streets cuz her mom kicked her out & she lived in an apartment i leased 🤦🏽‍♀️When I finally put 2 & 2 together & realized what was happening, I didn’t respond to her. I did my research & contacted lawyers when I realized I had a criminal ,civil suit & I can actually take her to the HAQUE & she can be persecuted under crimes against humanity but since she lives in Geneva, I decided to start there. The process took months to get the case together and I spoke with over 70 lawyers but as I type I’m happy it’s done.I filed an Fbi & police report against Brenda Biya who will have a warrant for her arrest ready for terrorist threats towards me I refuse to post messages that can defame her or our conversations because I have friends in high places & clients who trust me with everything, fortunately everything will play out in court & the documents will be public knowledge. I have defended this child I have never met against every1,I mean every1 cuz I know how it feels to be judged & hated not knowing she was plotting against me, jealous & envious. She’s said so many lies  about me, that I’m a Drug lord lmao I’ve never touched any drugs in my life tbh, I don’t smoke or drink, never have, she said i make my money scamming  people, she said I’m a pornstar, lol very funny. She threatened my life & my family,I filed a terrorist report against her with the Fbi, she steps foot in America she’s getting arrested. Be careful what you write online, especially when u have political association & a dad who is considered a dictator, the Fbi takes threats on American tax paying citizens very seriously.If I wasn’t suing her, I’ll drag her by her edgeless edges from Geneva 2 Cameroon but it’s ok, the money the Cameroonian government will pay me 4 my pain & suffering is enough 4 me to spare her. Until then, I’m done entertaining clownette as clownville is closed, I’ll see the lawyers the Cameroonian government will pay in court well suited cuz she can’t afford any lawyers.LIKE I SAID,Bible on everything I own, I’ve never done anything wrong to Brenda.She bought whitenicious & was a happy customer, wanted free products for her & her mom too. So I’m literally confused. @breebiyaofficiel has no immunity as she claims because see attached she has been arrested several times in Geneva and the last arrest was 5 weeks ago and her mother had to come sign and bail her out. No one is immune to Lawsuits both  civil and criminal,in Switzerland, online defamation of character is a criminal offense and that won’t cover your ass, if you can get arrested for drugs, you can get arrested for anything. She wants to brag about being the president’s daughter but she forgot even presidents here sued. I’ll see the Cameroonian government lawyers in court. I’ll take one for the continent, I shall not be lied on or intimated because this girl is hateful and jealous, you can continue intimating Cameroonians in Cameroonian like your father does but when you cross international lines, keep it over there because I’ll use my American passport and get you.Now that I filed the lawsuits & criminal complaint you stopped talking, keep lying to gullible Cameroonians because you are jealous of me, it’ll only hurt y’all’s pockets  not mine