Cardi B deletes her Twitter account
Cardi B deletes her Twitter account after being slammed by fans for missing the Grammy Awards.
Cardi B, an American rapper, has canceled her Twitter account immediately after announcing it on Twitter. The rapper and several of her fans fought on Sunday over her decision not to attend the Grammy Awards.
Some of her fans began to target her children, prompting her to tweet that she was terminating her account on the social networking platform.
“I’m deactivating my Twitter,” she tweeted. Before canceling her account, she tweeted, “On God, I despise this f**kin stupid fan base.”
“You got the slow jerks dragging my kids around because you thought I was going to the Grammys and I wasn’t?”
Cardi B went live on Instagram immediately after canceling her Twitter account.
Cardi B deletes her Twitter account
Cardi explained that she uploaded from New York, with her children in the backdrop, and asked followers why she would attend an award presentation right now.
“Can you tell me whether I have any new music?” I’m not sure why I’d show up with only one nomination. And I was already going to lose it, so you wanted me to go to the Grammys, lose an award, and just smile like, ‘That’s fantastic, that’s amazing.’ Come on, my n—-a, come on. Let’s get this party started. I don’t like that s**t .”