Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya

Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital

We have decided to profile Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya, a clinical instructor at the prestigious Harvard Medical school, as our first ever ‘Daisporan of The Week’. Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya is a pediatrician, a Cameroonian and married to a Cameroonian Financial expert and graduate of  MIT Sloan School of Management, Samuel Epee-Bounya.

Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya is an Assistant in Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Clinical Director of Pediatrics at Martha Eliot Health Center. She specializes in Emergency Medicine and General Pediatric Care.
Dr. Epee-Bounya received her medical education from George Washington University Medical School, and completed her training at Children’s National Medical Center.
Dr. Epee-Bounya is a pediatrician; a health professional who provides medical care to children. She offers comprehensive care for infants, kids & teenagers. As a pediatrician, Dr. Epee-Bounya functions as a primary care provider, or the first point of contact when a child is ill.
Dr. Epee-Bounya provides care and cooperates with the patient’s family to ensure healthy growth and development.
In spite of the numerous articles and high respect she commands in the academia, Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya has managed to remain discrete as she reconciles the life of a renowned doctor. with that of a wife and mother of three.
Being a pediatrician is very taxing and requires patience. It also requires the Dr. to build a relationship with the parents who in the final analysis,  know their children better than anyone. So empathy is one of the most important qualities.
One must therefore imagine that these are the only character traits that Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya must cultivate to combine a loaded practice with an academic life. She is also forced to be part of many families especially those with children with special difficulties.
 According to her father, Dr. Etounga-Manguele, from the age of 8  was already certain of the fact that, she wanted to become a medical doctor. When she was 21 years old, her mother passed away, aged under fifty.
She was already at George Washington University and this only reinforced her determination to enter into a profession that deals with humanity.
Dr. Epee
Her Father, Dr. Daniel Etounga-Manguelle is an engineer and economist trained at the top universities in France and America (the Institute of Political Sciences; National School of Civil Aviation; University of Paris – Sorbonne, Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration).
This seasoned professional, has worked for over forty years in Engineering and Consulting. For more than ten years, he  served as Vice President of the American Cabinet, Louis Berger International Inc., one of the world’s leaders in transport infrastructure engineering. In this capacity, he executed, coordinated and supervised, more than 60 projects in  about 30 African countries.
Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya
Dr Alexandra Epee-Bounya and her husband Samuel are blessed with three Children; Menelik and Mehdi two boys and their little sister Nnema. Menelik in true family tradition, and at the age of 17 is already a student at Harvard.
There you have it! An unsung hero, my profile of the week Dr. Alexandra Epee-Bounya.