Denouncing an action that took place yesterday while we were writing the entrance into EMIA at Government technical high school  Yaoundé CAMEROON.
The second paper was to start at 1pm but finally started at 4pm reasons being that there were no questions in English only in French thereby frustrating the anglophone candidates.
They started writing late and since the paper was to be written for fours hours they finished late and the hall had no lights thereby hindering candidates to be able to see what they are writing ✍️ and also giving room for cheating
Worst of all the candidates were removed from the initial hall to another one alongside their writing materials to another hall which wasn’t arranged and took them time to rearrange… still not sufficient for the candidates. Some say along the corridors to write this last paper.
The question was written late because they had to go translate it to English so as to serve the anglophone candidates and hike their French counterparts had long finished.
It’s so frustrating and sad.
EMIA cameroon