Esma Platnumz sister to famous Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz.
Esma Platnumz wedding
Since news of her marriage went public, celebrated Diamond.  Platnumz’s sister; Esma Platnumz has been the target of online bullies who are against her decision to settle down as the third wife, her choice however.
Esma Platnumz
Fed up with the trolling, Esma recently asked netizens to stay out of her business, saying that she is happy in her marriage.
Judging from the photos below, it’s evident to see that Esma’s special day left tongues wagging.
This wedding will mark the beginning of Esma living as Yahya’s wife and since they had already been seeing each other on the low.
Speaking in interview with Risasi Jumamosi, the Tanzanian business woman explained that her decision to get married as the third wife was out of the pure love she has for her husband.
Esma Platnumz wedding
“Surely, this is my personal life and the decision I made, I did so by my own will, not to please anyone.
 People should understand that I love my husband so much. Also ,I don’t see the problem with me being married as the third wife because our religion allows that. ”
she said.
Esma Platnumz wedding