FIFA allows fans to stay with friends and relatives in Qatar

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has now enabled the option for fans to stay with their friends and relatives during the upcoming football tournament. Given the speculations surrounding the issue of accommodation where people wondered if the country is ready to host such a large volume of fans, this is positive news for fans. The Hayya portal clarified these doubts in their FAQs section.
The Hayya card is a fan ID that is a requisite for all local as well as international fans who are attending the FIFA World Cup matches. For international fans visiting Qatar, the application for the Hayya card is incomplete without accommodation validation. FIFA had earlier announced the availability of hotels, apartments, fan villages, cruises ship cabins, and villas for fans as some of the stay options.
Only citizens and residents of Qatar can avail of the option of hosting relatives and friends who are visiting for the World Cup. These friends can stay with them and the host will have to register the guests along with their passport numbers and unit details. A resident/citizen can host up to 10 individuals during the tournament and these applications may begin by May 2022. The option to apply is through the Hayya mobile application or through the portal.
FIFA allows fans to stay with friends and relatives in Qatar
The Hayya card is a mandatory requirement for fans to gain entry into the State of Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches. The card is a fan ID allowing access to stadiums alongside a valid match ticket and free access to metro and bus. For now, only valid match ticket holders are allowed to apply for the Hayya card. FIFA intends to clarify further about the non-ticket holders sometime later in the future.
Apart from being hosted by relatives and friends, fans have the option of booking their aforementioned accommodation options through the Official Accommodation Agency.
Source: Qatar News