First Lady of Liberia, Clair Weah

First Lady of Liberia, Clair Weah is constructing a massive orphanage called  City of Hope

The City of Hope, now under construction, is a dream of the First Lady to compliment the efforts of the many orphanages across Liberia in giving the children not just a better care and livelihood but hope for a better and brighter tomorrow through quality education.
First Lady of Liberia, Clair Weah
upon its completion, the City of Hope would be a refuge, a home and a rehabilitation center for destitute Liberians including street girls, the disadvantaged youths who are hooked on drugs and the orphans among others.
This home will raise and educate about 200 girls ranging from ages 3 to 5, providing them home, quality care, and solid educational foundation from the early childhood development through primary and secondary levels free of charge.
First Lady of Liberia, Clair Weah
It will also provide technical and vocational education to street girls and drug-addicted youths.
Each batch of these young people would be accommodated at the City of Hope while they undergo training and rehabilitation for a period of about 8 months. Again, free of charge.
Thanks to our First Lady for this marvelous job.