First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Another bombshell dropped by her majesty the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone MRS FATIMA MAADA BIO.

You are my role model and I am your secret admirer. Thank you for being you. My question is, who is the first lady of Sierra Leone Fatima Bio shading? She posted the message below on her official Facebook page;
Finally we are getting there my name is Fatima Maada Bio✅
Did I ask you to fight my battle for me absolutely hell No✅
Can you stop me from living in Sierra Leone hell No✅
Did you madam talk talk vote for me hell No✅
Do I want to be part of your one sided Comic Relief show who cares✅
Did I asked you to speak to Sierra Leoneans on my behalf madam attention sicker Hell No✅
So continue to use my name for your rating that I will not take away from you because you need me.
Calling me First Lady is your choice. as long as my husband calls me his First Lady that is all that matters.
You talk about disrespect when your last name is disrespectful.
You use my name to insult people at the same time reference Allah in your nonsense.
I have said this before and I will repeat again madam attention sicker no one I repeat no one bullies me.
If you are used to Mumu First Lady this one knows her right.
I have spent all my life fighting for the right of women, I refused to be used or silence by anyone not to talk of someone like you.
Tell them to add your salary because we are going to be  on this for the next 8 years Inn Shaa Allah.
If you see mumu pan me then you are mistaken lol.
Get a life is better I am where Allah has destined me to be and there is nothing you can do about it.
If I am your coronavirus you will never be cure I promise you.
When I talk to your sick head you turn round to make it sound like I am talking to all Sierra Leoneans.
Are you mother Sierra Leone now? when I talk to you it means I am talking to everyone?
You talk about Sierra Leone as if it belongs to you and the rest of us are renting. So when the landlord speaks we all bow.
The only thing that is holding me back right now is the fact that I was told your really name is Nabay which means you are my family because my mum is Nabay.
Don’t use my name to disrespect ministers if you want to insult them use their names directly.
Using my name to disrespect the minister of information was below the belt.
For your information you are not mama Salone, your page or platform is one sided, since you want to help me let me help you too.
Start wishing members of SLPP, NGC, C4C, PMDC happy birthday on your wall that is when I will believe you represent us all.
The only people that you showcase on your wall are from the APC✅
The only time SLPP is mentioned on your wall is for negative things✅
APC get congratulations on your Facebook wall ✅
APC get birthday wishes on your Facebook wall ✅
APC get bereavement condolences on your wall ✅
members of the other parties are not Sierra Leonean right? Asking for a friend?
If you Noh Tiya ar nor go tiya and for U information ar deh yah fos until Allah says NO get use to it.
This is a brilliant talk show for you madam get to work now.
Fatima Maada Bio is my name.✅