France rewards hundreds of frontline immigrant workers
The French government is fast-tracking almost 700 citizenship applications from foreign frontline workers who have distinguished themselves in the battle against COVID-19.
French citizenship applications can take years to complete, and the global pandemic has caused further delays in paperwork processing. In September, as France was bracing for a second wave of the pandemic, the government requested regional officials “facilitate” and “accelerate” the naturalization process for foreign workers who actively participated in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
France rewards hundreds of frontline immigrant workers
“Health care workers, cleaning professionals, childcare workers and store clerks … They have proved their commitment to the nation. It is now up to the Republic to take a step toward them,” said a statement released on Tuesday by French Junior Minister for Citizenship Marlene Schiappa’s office.
As of Wednesday, France has nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and 61,702 people had died, according to the French government.
France rewards hundreds of frontline immigrant workers
In three months, more than 70 applicants have gained citizenship through their service and nearly 700 are in the final stages of receiving it, Schiappa’s office said. A total of 2,890 people have applied so far.
“They actively participated in the national effort, with dedication and courage,” Schiappa wrote in a letter to regional authorities at the time.
This initiative “is a long tradition that can be traced back to the French Revolution, which is to grant citizenship to the benefactors of the country,” Didier Leschi, the director of the French Office of Immigration and Integration told Le Figaro.
This isn’t the first time that France has recognized contributions to the nation with citizenship.