Guillaume Soro of Côte d'Ivoire comments on the coup d'état in Guinea
Increasingly isolated on the Ivorian political scene, Guillaume Soro denounces a “coup d’etat” by the Guinean military but had some few words to say about ousted president Alpha Conde
“I have followed with sadness the humiliating images of the arrest of President Alpha Condé from my land of exile. Hadn’t my little voice declared that violating constitutions would create disorder and chaos? I was made fun of at the time.
Africa has changed. The times have changed. African youths long for change. African youths do not believe in messiahs.
Why think that we are indispensable or irreplaceable? Have not other illustrious personalities preceded us in this land of our ancestors? And our generation will disappear so that other generations can live?
Guillaume Soro of Côte d'Ivoire comments on the coup d'état in Guinea
For my part, President Alpha Condé when he was an opponent was an admired elder and for good reason! Former leader of FEANF, he inspired us for the leader of FESCI that I was! In the name of this philosophical, ideological and even corporatist proximity, I received him with honor on my native land of Ferké and requested the blessings of my parents for his political career. Now President of his country, his counterpart, Alassane Ouattara asked him to ban me from the African land of Guinea. And I regretted him because he should have known that new friendships are sometimes opportunistic. But I have no hard feelings.
 Today I am deeply sad for him. These images of him spoke to my heart. But whose fault is it? May history be written and democracy be made. I ask that the new Guinean authorities maintain peace of mind in these moments of temporary unrest. I hope that these will be the last convulsions of a Guinea which returns to peace and tranquility.
May African Wisdom in the service of the Peoples triumph for the well-being of the Guinean people. This is my solemn prayer to the Almighty!
Guillaume Kigbafori Soro,
Former Prime Minister,
Former President of the National Assembly,
Current President of GPS.