The Nigerian woman named Risikat told the Punch Newspaper that she was born with blue eyes and passed it on to her children. In an interview with the local media, she remembers no one in her family to have had this issue and that she’s the first  to have been born with it.
igerian Man Abandons His Wife and Two Daughters
Risikat says  there’s nothing wrong with her eyes and that she has  never gone to visit the hospital for any sort of discomfort or a medical issues.
So her kids have healthy, normal eyes too.
igerian Man Abandons His Wife and Two Daughters
If there was ever a better time to protect the rights of children, it is now.
To stop the victimization of innocent children in Nigeria and many other African countries, child rights groups and all stakeholders involved must create campaigns to sensitize  parents, particularly those in the rural communities on the need to accept their children the way they are while celebrating their uniqueness.