Indiana man allegedly kills 4 members

Four members of an Indianapolis family were brutally murdered when a man demanded that the mother of his child hand over funds from her stimulus check and tax refund.
The man, Malik Halfacre, shot and killed four members of Jeanettrius Moore’s family when he came to her home demanding money from her.
Indiana man allegedly kills 4 members
A local report from Fox59 notes that Moore, who is the mother of two daughters, had been working at a beauty supply store to support herself. She looked forward to spending her stimulus money to catch up on bills.
According to a cousin, Wendy Johnson, Moore had just received the money when Halfacre demanded half of it. Her cousin notes that Moore offered the man $450 the day before, but he threatened to return for more. When he did, he shot and killed Moore’s 7-year-old daughter, Eve, her brother, 23-year-old Daquan Moore, her mother, 44-year-old Tomeeka Brown, and her cousin, 35-year-old Anthony Johnson.
Indiana man allegedly kills 4 members
In her exclusive interview, Johnson recounted the story told to her by Moore who escaped Halfacre, who attempted to abduct her and their youngest child. “When he went in the house, that was Jeanettrius’ cue to run for her life, and that’s what she did. Ran for her life in traffic across New York Street and knocking on everyone’s doors.”
The woman hid on a neighbor’s porch until police arrived. The couple’s baby daughter was discovered unharmed nearly a day after the murders.
Another family member also arrived at the home and discovered the bodies. “I seen all my family members in there on the floor dead,” said Lorenzo Moore. “I could put the picture together of how everything went down and how everybody went.”
He said Halfacre had a history of violence against his sister who was afraid of him.
Lorenzo Moore also places some blame on the criminal justice system. Halfacre had been convicted of shooting a man in 2017 but was released from custody after pleading to a lesser charge.