Jackie Appiah Gifts New Daycare Centre To Korle-Bu Children Health Centre

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah gifted who celebrated her birthday on Saturday 5th December 2020, refurbished the Child’s Ward of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital as birthday gift for children with sickle cell.

DaycareThis project undertaken by Jackie Appiah is a way of giving back to the less previledge in society.

Speaking on her reason as to why she embarked on this particular project, the actress revealed that she lost a friend to sickle cell illness hence her inspiration to embark on the renovation of that unit to put smiles on children with sickle cell.

She added that sickle cell is a painful experience therefore the brief moment spent by children experiencing this painful illness at the day care centre will at least lessen their pain and feel at home.


Jackie Appiah later thanked the Korle-bu Teaching hospital management for allowing her to do such a project.

Among many activities carried out by the Jackie Appiah Foundation, She also paid the bill of a mother who couldn’t afford to foot her child’s hospital bill and he also gave an undisclosed amount of money to the hospital to support the ward.

Speaking to the media, the actress disclosed that the motive behind her act was to celebrate a friend she lost to sickle cell illness in 2019. According to the actress, the project is her own little way of giving back to the less privileged in society. Adding that spending time at the daycare centre will lessen the pain of the children.

Jackie Appiah thanked management of the Korle-bu Teaching hospital for granting her permission to embark on such a project.