Kaliro Pastor asks follower to sell properties
Kaliro Pastor asks follower to sell properties, give him money in exchange for land in heaven
 Pastor Fred Isanga, who has been preaching in Kaliro for more than 10 years has also been accused of causing domestic violence amongst the different families in the area.
According to Teddy Nambaala, a resident in Kaliro town, more than 40 people have so far sold off their land and cows to deliver money to the pastor who offers them assurance that he has secured there plots of land in heaven.
“The assurance is such that if they die, they will find such land in heaven and will never struggle to get to paradise,” Nambaala says.
The Pastor has also started a campaign where a group of his followers are asked to pay Ugx 50,000 each before being taken to the garden of Eden which is situated in Nakaseke District.
“Thirty people are supposed to go in a phase that takes up to three months. Many women who go leave families, especially children behind and in return work in what they call the Holy Garden,” another source who did not want to be named told this website.
Well as the district authorities and security in Kaliro have been informed about the actions of the Pastor, no one has investigated the activities of the “Man of God” and his objective.
Currently, more than 80 people from 40 families remain homeless after all land and property they owned was taken over by Pastor Fred Isanga.
Asked to comment about the matter, Pastor Isanga declined saying he needed to consult with church elders.
Source:Etebebe post