Kenyan Photographed In US Capitol Chaos Speaks Out

Kenyan Photographed In US Capitol Chaos Speaks Out

A Kenyan born US citizen spotted smack in the middle of a group of pro-Trump hooligans that stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday has come out to deny that he was part of the chaos and ransacking that rocked the US Senate.

In a phone interview two hours after a photo of him standing atop a seat inside the Senate chamber went viral, Jemmy Foster Otieno said he was there ‘to see for himself’ the chaos and was not in any way out to cause trouble.

Look mate, I was minding my own business and these bunch of rednecks just scaled up the wall of the Capitol, and I was like what the hell! I followed them up the wall even as shots were being fired,” said Otieno, adding that the red Make America Great Again cap he was photographed wearing shouldn’t be used to justify he was part of the rioters.

Otieno, who insisted we refer to him in this article as Jemmy Foster, said he never witnessed such bad manners and affront to democracy – not even in his motherland.

“The world is really a global village, I just stood there savoring the moment. But I hope such never get to be replicated in Africa.”