Laurent Gbagbo's second wife, Nady Bamba
A message from former president, Laurent Gbagbo’s second wife, Nady Bamba  to her attackers.
 “Those who attack me because of  my relationship with my husband (President Gbagbo, editor’s note) do not know what they are talking about.
Laurent Gbagbo's second wife, Nady Bamba
He is a faithful man who seduced me with his kindness and his simplicity. He also helped me a lot while I was a journalist at Africa1. It was a difficult time which  I will never forget.
Our relationship has lasted almost 27 years. Our son David is 19 years old. It is out of respect for Mama  Simone that I made the choice to stay in the shadows all this time.
But the ordeal of the ICC he went through forced me to take my responsibilities and come out of the shadows to bring him comfort.
Today, some people who just discover that I existed, think  I appeared from nowhere and wants to destroy his life.
That is why I took an oath in front of my parents to always be submissive to him as much as he wishes.
Let me remind you all  that in our culture in the North, our parents teach us as  teenagers to honor our future husbands, regardless of the crises in the family.
I will end by asking people to respect our privacy.
Laurent Gbagbo's second wife, Nady Bamba
President Gbagbo’s political struggle must be the centre of interest for the Ivorians. Not his private life.
While Prosecutor Fatou Bensoud appealed that decision Gbagbo was allowed conditional freedom staying at the Brussels home of his second wife Nady Bamba umil all restrictions were lifted on his final ncquittal on 31 March