Malawians celebrates Bushiri’s contribution to boosting tourism
According to Bushiri, the tourism sector has much to offer and have seen it in a vision that tourism is another way that government can use to improve the economy of Malawi.Being a man of vision and love for his country, he feels his church, which receives a lot of international visitors can take lead in promoting tourism
 For the seven years I was in South Africa, I made immense contribution to the economy of the country through over 10 000 international visitors that, each and every week, visited Gauteng Province because of me.
Hotels and lodges were always full in Pretoria. Transportation sector boomed. Small scale restaurants saw a giant reap.
But because I was a foreigner, no single South Africa media reported positive about that apart from pushing their hatred narrative against me.
I have only been in Malawi for 5 months, and its amazing how local media is able to quickly notice my contribution to the economy.
This is how we must build Africa.
We can differ in religion, but when it comes to development of Africa, we need to come together and lock hands.
Thank you, Nation newspaper, Daily Times and Zodiak for telling this story.