Demonstrators attacked and looted private residences and public buildings that represented the former government’s seats of power.
Elsewhere, more than a thousand people gathered outside the president’s house, though they were prevented from entering by soldiers.
However, protesters did enter and looted the empty house of Keita’s son, Karim, which is located nearby.
Mali uprising. Karim Keita resigned
 Karim Keita resigned in July from his post as head of parliament’s defense committee amidst a spike of violence and calls for his father’s resignation.
A building owned by Mali’s Minister of Justice was also looted and set a blaze.
Oumar Sankare a Malian  journalist who witnessed the chaos writes.
Karim Keïta‘s house is not far from [former] president IBK’s home. The police did not let demonstrators attack the latter, but they did not maintain security for Karim Keïta’s house, which explains why so many demonstrators were able to gain entry.
Inside, the atmosphere was cheerful. People were very happy. There were children, teenagers, men, and women. I heard people say, ‘These thieves stole all the nation’s money. We’re going to take what is owed by everyone.’
The house was looted and completely destroyed: furniture, television, etc. I saw surreal scenes. People brought in minibuses and tricycles in order to take whatever they could. Some carried saves, others shared banknotes. I think there were at least 300 people.
People also stole bottles of champagne, and the whole house smelled  alcohol.
People also stole many bags of cement. Outside on the streets, there was cement all over for almost 400 metres.”