Abigail Rawlings
 Abigail Rawlings Mawutor 52, is claiming to be the first daughter of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings.
Abigail who shares some striking resemblance with the former President disclosed in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa monitored by this portal that she is the daughter of Ghana’s former President who sadly died in November last year.
According to her, her mother is a Togolese who has passed away but told her before her death that Rawlings was her father.
Abigail added that many of former President Rawlings’ maternal relatives in their hometown know her and have accepted her into the family.
Abigail Rawlings
Speaking on how her mom met the late former President, she indicated that they met during his military training days.
She indicated that when her mother confronted Rawlings of her pregnancy, he [Rawlings] asked her mother to keep it to herself for fear of being dropped out of school by his guardians.
“Most of the external family in the village know me. When my mom told me about my father, I went to the family house,” she said.
Abigail added that she is ready for a paternity test to confirm her claim.
According to MyNewsGh.com
The story goes that in 1967, Rawlings in final year secondary school, aged 20 then, allegedly impregnated Rose Agbodzi Sende, an Ewe in Accra but originally from Togo. The young Rawlings allegedly pleaded with Rose to keep the pregnancy secret because his future was at stake, which Rose agreed.
In March 1968, Abigail was born to a single mother, the same year Rawlings, 21, was settling down as an Airforce Cadet.
Rose met someone willing to marry her and left her child Abigail with an old lady at Adabraka in Accra where the child grew up, knowing she had only a mother, and not knowing her father.
In an effort to find her father as an adult, Abigail confronted her mother, Rose A. Sende about who her father was, whereupon she was told the whole story about what happened in 1967 and how Rawlings was her father.
Abigail has said in an interview that before her mother opened up about Rawlings, she had had numerous dreams involving Jerry Rawlings as head of state