Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama lauded Kamala Harris’ “strong” performance during her televised debate with Vice President Mike Pence in Utah on Wednesday night.

Mike Pence Kamala Harris

As the intense 90-minute long US vice-presidential debate ended, former First Lady Michelle Obama took to Twitter to laud Democratic nominee Kamala Harris’ ‘strong, hopeful’ performance. The only vice-presidential debate took place on October 7, 2020, in Salt Lake City, and added that Harris and Biden “have what it takes” to move the U.S. forward.

Michelle Obama

“Strong. Honest. Clear. Hopeful. Tonight, Kamala Harris proved that she and Joe Biden have what it takes to move this country forward,” Obama tweeted last night. “And now it’s up to us to go vote for them. Vote early—do it as soon as you can, in person or by mail.”


The former first lady Michelle Obama had earlier posted a touching message to Instagram explaining how important a landmark this is, especially for young Black and Asian girls.

Kamala Harris

Harris, a former prosecutor who held the position of district attorney in California and is now vice presidential candidate, is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India who met while studying at university in the United States.

Her dual heritage makes her both the first Black woman and the first Asian American woman to be nominated as a major party’s vice president