Mitch Republican senators permission
Mitch McConnell gives Republican senators permission to find Donald Trump guilty in impeachment
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is telling his Republican colleagues President Trump’s impeachment trial will be a ‘vote of conscience’ – an absence of pressure that effectively allows them to vote guilty.
McConnell has already communicated that he himself has not made up his mind on whether to convict Trump – following reports of his fury after a MAGA mob ransacked the Capitol, with one crowd of invaders stopped steps from McConnell’s leadership office.
Mitch Republican senators permission
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to say Friday when she will send the article of impeachment to the Senate that would trigger a Senate trial of President Trump
“You’ll be the first to know when we announce that we’re going over there,” she told reporters.
MAGA mob ransacked the Capitol
‘A conviction of Trump may mean he doesn’t run again, but it doesn’t mean he gives up without a fight,’ Cramer told Business Insider.
Mitch Republican senators permission
‘All my pro-Trump Republican friends want to take my head off for not blowing up the Constitution.’
His comments offer the first insight into the dynamics inside the 50 Senate Republicans, some of whose votes are needed by Democrats to convict Trump.
Cramer said he himself did not want to vote to convict, but did not rule it out.
So far the only known votes are those of Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham, who have come out against the trial taking place at all – which it will – with Cotton saying the Senate cannot try a former president.
Cramer’s reference to ‘wanting to take my head off’ also hints at the pressure Republican senators feel under for their own safety