Political Advisor, Nathalie Yamb
Communication specialist and human resources expert in Europe and Africa Nathalie Yamb,  born of a Cameroonian father and a Swiss mother, is currently trending online of having a son with the late Ghanaian president JJ Rawlings.
Nathalie Yamb after hearing the sad news of the death Jerry John Rawlings, took to her Instagram page, posted a dark themed photo and wrote; “I will love you forever.”
Political Advisor, Nathalie Yamb
Also, Nathalie Yamb has photos of herself and Rawlings having a nice time together on her Instagram page with captions.
Although she stated knowing the former president, Jerry John Rawlings for 11 years in her statement, Nathalie has a son who is 21 years and whom  she  calls him Jerry’s son.
She posted
11 years of complicity, laughter, respect, admiration, affection, happiness. Thank you for everything. My Hero, my soulmate. I can’t imagine life without you.
May your prayers support Nana, Amina, Zanetor, Kimathi, Yaa and all those who loved him and whom he loved …