NeNe Leakes Dropped by Agent

NeNe Leakes Dropped by Agent and Her Entire Team After Calling Out Manager for Discrimination

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast favorite Nene Leakes was reportedly dropped by her management team, her legal representation and her publicist amid a battle with her old network that she has taken to Twitter.

NeNe Leakes Dropped by Agent
A source claimed to Perez Hilton that Steven Grossman at Untitled Entertainment dropped NeNe and that she’s officially no longer repped by ICM Partners. In addition, the TV star has parted ways with her lawyer Darrell Miller of Fox Rothschild LLP and her public relations firm, Jonesworks PR.

“NeNe has been impossible to work with for a very long time now,” the source detailed. Another source noted to the news outlet, “I’m genuinely concerned for her mental health. She thinks the world is out to get her and refuses to take accountability for her actions.”

The news arrived after NeNe took to her Twitter account on Monday morning, February 8 to call out Steven. “You can’t turn on your teammate and get away with this @stevengrossman #DarrellMiller #Foxrothschild,” so NeNe wrote to her followers. “suppression, retaliation, discrimination, unequal pay, devaluation against black women is real, it’s painful and it hurts. I will fight for all women rights PS: FIX IT.”

She went on explaining in a follow-up tweet, “Sorry abt my typos! I don’t tweet abt the show, i do not watch the show, i don’t talk abt the show & i don’t talk abt the girls. My concern is the treatment & abuse behind the scenes that you DO NOT see. Please don’t make fun of that. It’s real, painful & it’s happening.”

NeNe Leakes Dropped by Agent

In the next tweet, meanwhile, NeNe warned Bravo that she had receipts about its alleged racism towards black women in reality TV. “I have numerous emails, text messages, RHOA group text, voice recording that go back yearsssss. I never got rid of anything! Fix your dirty work,” so NeNe took aim at the network. “Being a racist is so yesterday.”

Another person said, “The negativity is consuming you. It’s unhealthy. Let it go. Move on. Be happy.” However, some others jumped to NeNe’s defense. “It’s disgusting that some of y’all telling her to let it go. I’m sure there is some validity to what she’s claiming. At least hear her out before y’all dismiss everything as being bitter,” one fan shared. Echoing the same sentiment, another added, “Telling her to let it go is how slavery lasted almost 200 years. Imagine if they would have let it go because it had been almost 200 years? Yep, we’d still be slaves!”