Nigerian blogger Linda lke
Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji  turned 40 today Saturday, 19 September, 2020 and she celebrated the milestone with beautiful photos of herself on Instagram with Caption …
This is what 40 looks like. Sexy. Successful. Happy. Almost fulfilled and super grateful for a beautiful life filled with amazing family and friends. God has been incredibly good to me and I don’t take my blessings for granted
Nigerian blogger Linda lke
OK, let’s do this! Hehe. Surrounded by my birthday present from myself to myself. I was going to buy 40 designer shoes to celebrate turning 40 and then I started shopping and couldn’t stop! . Too many beautiful shoes to select from so I ended up buying 85 pairs….(80 in the pic, 5 on da way). And yes, I bought all of them at the same gaddam time! . Who does that? , ME, that’s who!
I’m so grateful, so thankful, so happy! Happy birthday to me! vue. P.S, These photos don’t do the shoes justice
Happy birthday to Linda Ikeji from team maybelleboma.