President Trump is "doing very well,"

President Trump is “doing very well,” his physician Dr. Sean Conley said this morning at a news conference at Walter Reed medical center.

“We are monitoring him very closely for any evidence of complications from either the coronavirus illness or the therapies that we are prescribing to make him better,” Dooley said at a briefing today. “He is in exceptionally good spirits.”
The team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. He’s been fever free for 24 hours and we are cautiously optimistic,’ Conley said, adding that Trump has a mild cough and nasal congestion that are ‘resolving’.
Dr Shaun Dooley, a critical care physician, took the podium next and said Trump’s heart and kidney function are being monitored and are currently in good condition.
President Trump is "doing very well,"
Dooley said Trump is in ‘high spirits’ and told his team this morning: ‘I feel like I could walk out of here today.’
Conley was repeatedly asked by reporters if Trump had been placed on oxygen at any point but he declined to respond, merely saying: ‘He is not on oxygen right now.’ He said that the president is walking around and working in his hospital suite.
Trump is currently undergoing a range of treatments including a polyclonal antibody cocktail made by Regeneron that is not available to the public, remdesivir – an ebola drug that has already been shown to work against the virus – and vitamin D.
He is also taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine (the generic name for Pepcid AC), melatonin and daily aspirin.
In attendance this morning at the briefing are the following medical experts:
CDR Sean Conley, MD * Col Sean N Dooley, MD
Capt John Hodgson, MD
CDR Wesley R Campbell, MD
LTC Jason M. Blaylock, MD
Robert Browning, MD
Brian Garibaldi, MD
LT Juliana Lavopa, RN
CDR Megan Nasworthy, RN