Bushiris to spend two more nights in jail

Bushiris to spend two more nights in jail as hearing postponed for Wednesday November 4th

JOHANNESBURG – The bail decision for self-proclaimed Shepherd Bushiri, his wife Mary, and three others has been postponed until Wednesday.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri  and his wife, Mary will spend two more nights at the Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Centre as the Pretoria Magistrates Court adjourns to Wednesday, 4 Nov 2020 for Judgement on the couple’s bail application.The state says Bushiri and his wife are flight risks.The couple has been in custody for almost two weeks.
Magistrate Thandi Theledi announced today that she will issue her judgement at 10:00am.
Bushiri’s followers said their Papa and Mama would be released today despite the Magistrate saying on Friday last week that only Heads of Arguments would be heard during today’s session.
Bushiris to spend two more nights in jail
Today’s sessions, lawyers for Bushiri and the State highlighted their key arguments for or against the bail application.
In their closing argument, the state defended why it is opposing the bail application now but not in a separate when Bushiri was arrested in February 2019 to answer a different count of fraud and money laundering of about K0.8 billion.
The state says the amount (K5 billion) in the case at hand is higher and that the current case carries a higher sentence which would give the accuse more reasons to forfeit bail.
Bushiris to spend two more nights in jail
In her close argument, the State attorney highlighted that the increased penalty in the current case is a good motivation for the couple to not want to stand trial.
The State further fears that Bushiri and wife will easily escape if released on bail because they are multimillionaires who can easily forfeit the bail bond regardless of the amount.
The state further said the debt of over K80 million (R2m) that the couple has with his Sparkling Water Hotel as collateral is further motivation for them to escape.
The State fears that despite handing over their passports to the police, Bushiri and wife who have diplomatic passports can easily find a way to leave the country and claim to be diplomats at airports as has been the case before.