Shepherd Bushiri and wife
Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his spouse Mary have been told they must remain behind bars until Monday at the earliest
The pair, who have been behind bars since Wednesday, will now spend three more nights in their cells after their application for bail ran past the allocated deadline on Friday. A myriad of legal discussions, including the submission of affidavits from both parties, prolonged the fraud case past the weekend.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife
  The Bushiris are in the dock on fraud charges topping R100 million. The alleged criminality is tied to the pastor’s property empire, which forms part of an investment portfolio worth roughly $150 million.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife
Why is Shepherd Bushiri staying behind bars?
Magistrate Thandi Thelede made the contentious decision to keep the pair locked up in jail earlier on Friday afternoon. She explained that, with two other suspects connected to the case also being processed, the case must resume at a later date.