Cameroonian socialite, Nathalie Koah
Cameroonian socialite, Nathalie Koah is off the market.
Her dowry was paid few days ago in an intimate family ceremony with her family and closed friends. While the identity of her husband has not been revealed, it should be noted that, Nathalie who was a victim of cyber bullying, knows exactly how to keep her private life away from the general public.
The reason is linked to his past for having experienced a tumultuous affair with former Cameroonian international soccer player, Samuel Eto’o.
The air hostess who was predicted to descend into hell after the bad buzz relating to this failure has rebuilt, head on shoulders and feet on the ground.
She and her husband, whose identity is not yet revealed, proceeded to sign their customary marriage.
“In reality all I have done is hold on and hope that I can’t have such a brutal load of blows if I’m not predestined for something good. ”
Today where some thought it would sink, it shines even more and has become a model of a success story.