RICH African sons of God
Prophet Jay Israel, South African based Zimbabwean Prophet, arrested again.
South African based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel arrested again two days in Johannesburg.
¬†According to Solomon Izang Ashoms, prophet Jay Israel was arrested for being in possession of fraudulent documents. While in custody, He released a video threatening prophet Alpha Luka, “The King of Resurrection” and prophet Urber Angel, for plotting¬† his arrest.
RICH African sons of God
There is war currently going on and he has promise to retaliate. It should be noted that he has other cases pending against him. The case has been escalated to the South African parliament and the south African police will not let this slide. He is currently at Douglas Dale police station in Johannesburg, South Africa.
RICH African sons of God
Prophet, Jay Israel was also arrested by South African police back in Dec 2020, ahead of his planned broadcast to expose Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.
Jay Israel said as he went out to get a haircut and on his way back, a lot of policemen came and started to harass him.
Jay Israel was supposed to have his LIVE broadcast at 8pm, but was only given his phone back after 10:30pm
RICH African sons of God
Jay Israel at that time, blamed Alph Lukau for bribing police so that they can cause him problems. Jay Israel Says He knows Alf Lukau wants him dead.
He said he will never stop doing what he is doing, exposing the false prophets and he will announce the next date on which he will continue with his planned broadcast on Makandiwa.
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