Royal experts accuse Oprah

Royal experts accuse Oprah of suggesting Monarch is ‘some mafia boss who silenced Meghan’

Oprah Winfrey’s assertion that Meghan Markle may have been ‘silenced’ by the Crown is ‘ridiculous’ and unfairly paints the Queen as a mob boss like Don Corleone from The Godfather, royal experts told MailOnline today.

Royal experts accuse Oprah

Buckingham Palace should also be ‘scared’ after it emerged this morning that the Sussexes’ tell-all interview due for broadcast on Sunday night has been extended from 90 minutes to two hours at the 11th hour.

Oprah Winfrey pushes Meghan Markle on whether she was ‘silenced’ by the Crown while Prince Harry claims he emigrated to LA with his family because he feared ‘history repeating itself’ after the death of his mother Princess Diana, a trailer for the incendiary interview shows.

The Duke of Sussex also describes leaving the Royal Family was ‘unbelievably tough’ and Oprah claims the couple both say ‘some pretty shocking things’ in the bombshell interview that is expected to upset the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William when the show is broadcast on Sunday, March 7.

Royal experts accuse Oprah

Oprah promises viewers there will be ‘shocking’ revelations and ‘no subject off limits’ in the heavily-produced teaser complete with dramatic music released online by CBS in the US overnight. In more bad news for the royals, who have already been warned to ‘hide behind their sofas’ next Sunday, the broadcaster also revealed the show has extended from 90 minutes to a two-hour special that will be watched by tens of millions of people worldwide.

Robert Jobson, a biographer of Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh, said the trailer was packed with ‘over the top, melodramatic nonsense’.

He said: ‘The Queen and the Royal Family are not the Corleone family of Windsor. There are no hit men or heavies going around silencing people. Meghan, whilst a working royal, was always protected by a team of Scotland Yard officers. Thankfully, she was never in danger physically and Harry knows that. Talk of being “silenced” is just ridiculous. It suits a narrative, I suppose, but at what cost to the Queen, Prince Philip and the Royal Family and our reputation as a country’.

On the late decision to extend the show, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline: ‘An extra 30 minutes could be scary for the Palace. Was this because Harry and Meghan were angry at having their patronages removed or had it always been planned? The interview with Oprah will determine their future relations with the royal family for the foreseeable future’.

Another critic tweeted sarcastically: ‘It’s been so unbelievably tough moving into our $11million home, signing huge deals with Netflix and Spotify, and drawing on my huge trust from my Royal lineage. Like if you want a quiet life, go have one, keyword being quiet’.

Royal experts accuse Oprah

The extra half-hour of the show will allow CBS to rake in more advertising, with a 30-second prime time slot believed to cost around $200,000. According to Page Six, the Sussexes are not being paid for the Oprah interview, but experts believe it is part of their plan to build a billion-dollar brand in the US after signing mega-deals with Netflix and Spotify worth at least $100million.

The teaser trailer will likely upset Buckingham Palace days amid fears that the interview will be a no-holds barred airing of the feud with her husband’s family. And while it is not clear exactly how Harry compares their treatment to Princess Diana’s, royal experts have already criticised his decision to raise it.