Russian 'father' discovers his 'dead newborn twins' are actually DOLLS
The bizarre story has emerged from Russia, where cops and city officials are trying to unravel how Daud Daudov, 33, was duped.
Daud  thought he was about to bury his dead newborn twins… only to discover they were dolls wrapped in a shroud and his wife’s pregnancy had been a lie from the start.
Russian 'father' discovers his 'dead newborn twins' are actually DOLLS
He initially accused maternity hospital medics of replacing his “dead newborn twins” with dolls ahead of their funeral, says Lenta news.
Daudov said: “They died on February 9 from a cerebral haemorrhage.”
But there was no ‘autopsy’ as “according to Islam, it is impossible to open their body – children must be [laid to rest] as they are,” he added.
Russian 'father' discovers his 'dead newborn twins' are actually DOLLS
Officials and cops have been investigating the bizarre caseCredit:
However today a senior regional official dismissed it as a fake pregnancy.
Daudov’s wife, Laura, has reportedly confessed to not giving birth, and personally wrapping the dolls in a shroud for the funeral to dupe her unsuspecting husband.
But it’s not clear from reports how she faked her pregnancy and managed to keep him in the dark for so long.
“The woman went through a medical examination which established that she did not give birth,” said Stavropol governor Vladimir Vladimirov.
He added: “Later, the woman in writing confirmed that the whole story was made up. What can I say? I am speechless.
“Now this is down to the family and the law enforcement. I am hoping that people who have wrongly accused our doctors will apologise.”
A maternity hospital spokesperson told reporters: “We checked all the bases – such a woman did not come to us.”
Laura told reporters that her initial positive pregnancy test was not confirmed.
The tragic woman, in a statement, admitted that she had faked her pregnancy, along with the birth and death of her ‘newborns’, as her husband wanted to have kids, say reports.
Russian 'father' discovers his 'dead newborn twins' are actually DOLLS
She rented a flat near the maternity hospital, bought two dolls and told her family that their twin babies had died after ‘birth’.
“I didn’t want to upset him and therefore decided to lie to him and to our relatives by faking the pregnancy. I couldn’t stop pretending.
“I misled all my relatives and my husband. I am terribly sorry.”