State loses in Bushiri case
State loses in Bushiri case: Given 6 weeks to bring SA witness or face force
South Africa has a faced a huge blow in the ongoing extradition case involving Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with the Magistrate Patrick Chirwa entirely dismissing an application by the State asking that South Africa witnesses testify using video conference.
Source: Malawi24
State loses in Bushiri case
Prophet Bushiri took to his official page to express his frustrations
My wife and I appeared in court, again, today where the Magistrate ruled against the State application to have South African witnesses testify using video conference.
State loses in Bushiri case
The State on Friday last week, was supposed to parade South African witnesses in Malawi Courts as ordered by the Magistrate in March 2021, but the witnesses did not show up.
In his ruling today, the magistrate underlined that it is mandatory, that witnesses come to Malawi and testify in person. This means that, the witnesses MUST appear in Malawi Courts and give their testimony orally, in person publicly. This is part of the constitutions right to a fair hearing.
State loses in Bushiri case
My wife and I welcome the ruling because, after years of being accused without being tried in South Africa, we will, finally, face our accusers in the country. This was supposed to be done 3 years ago in South Africa but we had so many stories why witnesses could not show up in courts. Typical of unfair trial gimmicks!
Soon justice will prevail.
Thank you to all who came to support and pray with us.
To God be all the glory!