Tanzanian MO Condester Sichwale kicked out of Parliament
Tanzanian MO Condester Sichwale,  kicked out of Parliament for dressing ‘inappropriately’.
A Tanzanian Member of Parliament, Condester Sichwale, was expelled from Parliament  earlier today, Tuesday 1st June 2021 by the  Speaker of Parliament, Job Ndugai, for wearing tight trousers.
 According to their parliamentary rules, women members of parliament are not allowed to wear tight pants. Immediately after the question and answer session, the Nyang’wale (CCM) MP, Hussein Amar stood up and complained to the Speaker and insisted that The speaker stands for rule 70 concerning dress of parliamentarians.
Tanzanian MO Condester Sichwale kicked out of Parliament
He said, ” the rule clearly explains the dress for ladies but here, there are parliamentarians wearing clothes that are not formal.”
Recently, a new policy that targets women MPs in the Tanzanian parliament, says that they will not be allowed to wear false lashes and nails because of the “health risks” these beauty treatments pose to them according to an article published on The Citizen and noted on a Cape Talk podcast.
Parliament Speaker, Job Ndugai announced that women wearing false eyelashes and nails would not be allowed in the legislative house. He went on to say that women wearing excessive make-up, short dresses and jeans might not be allowed in either.