The  King Of World Music Wes Madiko, Dies At 57.
The  King Of World Music Wes Madiko, Dies At 57.
Cameroonian Grammy Award Winner and three times winner of the World Music Awards, Wes Madiko – The King of World Music dies at 57
Wes Madiko, was born in a small Bantu village about 5km from Douala called Moutaba.
 His name means « Roots of the land of ancestors »
Wes is a talented international artist. He is originating from Cameroon Bantu fellows where he was born. He grew up under this Grandfather E’KWA MUTU, Great spiritual priest of animist Bantu Tribes from Mouataba on the Cameroonian historical coast.
 He started music at the age of 10, playing the kalimba musical instrument that was given to him by his grand father.
His career has been marked by very competitive distinctions:
 Author, Producer and Singer of the Lion King II
The  King Of World Music Wes Madiko, Dies At 57.
 Grammy Award Winner and three time winner of the World Music Awards.
 – Diamond Record in France in 1997
 – Diamond Record in Germany in 1998
 – Many Gold Records, Platinum, Double Platinum and Triple Platinum in many European countries.
 Wes was highly vested in the knowledge of African Bantu animist traditions and deepens a spirituality which is rooted in the bottoms of the symbiosis between man and nature.
Wes was a fully accomplished artist who has shown evidence of his capacity to meet high Standards of show Biz World. With his song Alane, Wes sold more than 10 millions single record in the world, and his album Welenga realised by Sony Music France sold more than 3 million copies.
May his soul rest in peace