The moment Kamaru Usman brought his father to the ring
The moment Kamaru Usman brought his father to the ring, took off his belt and wrapped it around his father’s waist as he celebrated his victory.
This is the first time his father, Muhammed Usman has watched him fight live.
Muhammed who was a Nigerian army officer before relocating to the United State of America in 1989, brought his family to join him in 1995 when his Ambulance and emergency health service began to thrive.
However, it hasn’t been all rosy for him and he has been through a lot in his life after moving from Nigeria to the United States- it took his father 6 years to get the entire family to the country. The mixed martial artist shared his father’s story with his fans while in conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast
The Nigerian Nightmare revealed that his father, Muhammed Usman, served a 15-year sentence in a federal penitentiary. However, Kamaru believes his father to be innocent of every single one of the charges.
The moment Kamaru Usman brought his father to the ring
Muhammed Usman came to the States in the year 1989 and started running a pair of ambulance companies- Royal Ambulance (established in 2003) and First Choice EMS (established in 2005). His entire business ran successfully with the help of his managers.
However, Usman’s father was soon charged with the issue of fraudulent run sheets (official documents required to keep the record of ambulance rides).
The medical companies first raised the alarm, alleging the presence of false information on these sheets.
After this fraud case, Muhammed Usman’s ambulance companies started doing extra marketing to bolster their reputation. These acts, however, enhanced doubts of his participation in the conspiracy.
This also severely increased the length of Usman’s sentence. In the end, Usman’s father received a jail sentence after he was found guilty on multiple charges.
This is what ‘The Nigerian Nightmare‘ said in one of his interviews, “There were times it was hard, and I cried about certain things. But as weird as it is to say this. All my life I was kind of put in a position to not depend on my dad.
“Of course, I did, but I didn’t need him. I was never one of those kids to say. ‘My dad doesn’t love me because he didn’t come to my wrestling meet.’ I knew who my dad was, and I knew he loved me.”
It is interesting to note that the welterweight bigwig refused to fight on PPV cards so as to ensure that his father could watch his fights on television for free while he was in prison.
No matter what the fighter has faced in his personal life, he has given his best on the professional front. His skills and his firm determination have led him to the absolute pinnacle of his division