The Power Of African Diaspora

The power of the African Diaspora is being continuously affirmed every day. This is not happening out of political correctness or convenience but as a genuine recognition of the accomplishments of Africans living out of Africa. As a matter of fact,  the African Union has given the widest definition to  African Diaspora. It simply means anyone of African origin.
I have therefore decided to profile every month in this blog Africans of the Diaspora and on the Continent whose tremendous contributions and achievements go unmentioned. We tend to be so hooked on politics that we forget that politic is just a tiny part of the amazing story of our continent. Yes, politics is important since it provides the means that should guarantee the end we all seek. We must however not be caught in politics to the point of forgetting that in the final analysis the future of a country depends on its people and the choices  they make.
So with your assistance we will seek to profile successful Africans. Success to me is not what we think of in the material world of today. As someone wrote, the goal in life is not be successful. The goal is to be valuable. Once you are valuable, instead of chasing success, it will attract itself to you.