The remarkable transformation of Zanziman Ellie
The remarkable transformation of Zanziman Ellie, 21, who lives in a jungle in Rwanda, East Africa.
SANZIMAN Ellie, is a young  Rwandan man who hikes several miles a day to escape bullies who torment him for his microcephaly condition. According to the Center for Disease Control, microcephaly is a condition that affects the size of an individual’s head at birth.
The remarkable transformation of Zanziman Ellie
Zanziman  Ellie was born in 1999, in the remotes part of  Rwanda, he is the last child of six children of MR.& Mrs Ellie. He was a bully in every parts of their village, he fed  on grass  his mother went after him in the bush like an animal.
The remarkable transformation of Zanziman Ellie
According to reports, his mother lost five of her children before Ellie was born. She revealed how Ellie is often bullied and even chased around by locals for having an unusual face. Also, due to his inability to hear and speak, he has never been to school to receive any formal education.
Discrimination on the basis of one’s appearance is unfortunately a common practice all over the world. Due to his different looks, people of his community have outcast him which has led to Ellie spending most of his time in the jungle. He is often nicknamed as ‘real-life Mowgli’.
 To cut the long story short  today God has blessed Ellie and his mom beyond human imagination.
“When God say yes no man can say no”
Never you write-off anybody!
Just believe in God!
Just know that you are not alone…!