I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for being the best supporters I could have ever asked for. Those of you that know me personally know that Entertainment and blogging has been my true love and passion since I was a young kid, and the advantages that come along with it have always been secondary to me. In other words, when I started, the ultimate goal in mind wasn’t to have “fans”; but rather to put smile on your faced. As my journey continued, you guys have made the decision to join me on my journey, taking each and every step alongside me. You have supported me, embraced me, and nurtured me through the good and bad times and never gave up on me.
maybelle boma
Whether it’s sharing my post here on facebook or, a “like” on an Instagram post, or asking for information. Some of you I have offended yes and some might think I am rude,  let me seize this opportunity to tell you in particular that I am sorry. You all mean a lot to me and your feedback helps keep things in perspective,  It all helps keep me grounded, humble, and appreciative of what I do. It all helps me to always remember how blessed I am. No matter how big or small, all of your good deeds and positive vibes that are sent my way never go unnoticed. You’re all my motivation; you are what drives me to do what I do each and every day.
I want to thank all of you again for being my best supporters possible and I will never forgot those who helped me get to where I am today. I’m never too far, I’m always one phone call, text, tweet, instagram, my new blog or Facebook message . I will continue to strive to make you all proud, both on my new blog and other platform listed below and that’s a promise.. For now on, most of my stories will be uploaded on my new blog which has no restrictions. please feel free to visit, like our official page, share our stories or contact our team.
From the bottom of my heart I say Thank you all and God bless you.
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