UN appoints former Nigerian President Jonathan Global Crises Envoy
UN appoints former Nigerian President Jonathan Global Crises Envoy
 The United Nations has appointed Former President of Nigeria Dr GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN The U.N. Global Crises Envoy.
Former President Goodluck Jonathan, like the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), Tony Blair, is the first African former leader to be appointed into the high international office for mediation in global crises.
The humility, charisma and peace initiative profile were highlighted by the body as the major credential for the appointment of the former Nigerian President for this highly technical global job.
From lecturer to Deputy Governor, from Deputy Governor to Governor, from Governor to Vice President, from Vice President to Acting President and from Acting President to President. Now, from President to a World Leader!
“He later won election as the President and was noted to be the first politician to hand-over election outcome to another party without any challenge, in a peaceful and humanly possible position.”
Former President Jonathan had visited President Muhammadu Buhari last week for undisclosed mission. In less than one week of the visit to the State House, Abuja, where he had a closed-door meeting with the president, the former president was offered a global appointment by world leaders