US Attorney General William Barr Resigns, Effective Dec. 23

US Attorney General William Barr Resigns, Effective Dec. 23

Attorney General William Barr will depart the Trump administration before Christmas, President Donald Trump said Monday.

The widely anticipated departure of Barr, the head of the Department of Justice, came just moments after President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Trump was formalized by the Electoral College.

Barr in early December directly contradicted Trump when he revealed that the Department of Justice had not found any evidence of large-scale voter or election fraud that would overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s projected victory.

US Attorney General William Barr Resigns, Effective Dec. 23

That admission during an interview with the Associated Press undercut the president, who has refused to concede to Biden and is falsely claiming he won the election, citing an array of unproven fraud conspiracies and asserting the race was “rigged” against him.

The admissions from Barr also sharply undermined the legal efforts from lawyers on the Trump campaign to reverse Biden’s wins in key swing states.

Barr’s ouster deepens an ongoing leadership crisis at the Justice Department. The attorney general had faced intense criticism, including from current and former DOJ officials, that he had politicized the department.

Barr raised hackles through his interventions in a number of high-profile federal cases involving Trump’s allies.

The end of Barr’s tenure is the final step in the deterioration of Trump’s relationship with his attorney general, an alliance that was once considered to be among the strongest Trump had with any member of his Cabinet.