Nearly eight months after the tragedy, Kobe Bryant’s mother-in-law, Sofia Laine, is making some serious claims about her daughter Vanessa in an interview with David Valadez of “Univision.”
In a shocking video, the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s mother-in-law revealed her daughter Vanessa kicked her out of the Bryant house following his death
In the preview of the interview scheduled to air on Monday, September 21, Laine accused her daughter Vanessa of kicking out of her house after she had been there for her when she was dealing with the grief of losing her husband and daughter.
According to Laine, Bryant has been laid to rest in a private cemetery. As she went on to talk about it, she spoke through tears and revealed that Vanessa told her to leave the Bryant residence and even asked her to return her car.
Previous reports stated that Laine had been Vanessa’s support system. It is unclear how things turned sour between the two, but fans will get some answers after the full interview airs.
Vanessa is yet to publicly address the claims at the time of this writing. The revelation came as a shock because previously, the mother and daughter duo seemed to have an amicable relationship.
Laine has been around her daughter’s family for major milestones. She even joined the Bryant family for Bryant’s last Thanksgiving dinner in 2019 and was there when he announced his retirement in 2015.
This is among the plethora of issues that Vanessa is dealing with following her husband’s death. She has also been seeking a huge amount of money in a death lawsuit against the owner of the helicopter that crashed with Bryant, Gianna, and seven others in January.