Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri case adjourned to 13:30pm this afternoon. Where will Bushiri spend his weekend? We will find out this afternoon.

 The state says victims of Major 1’s PSB Investment scheme were allegedly contacted by Bushiri and his lawyer Terrance Baloyi for a meeting. The state notes a pattern that after such meetings, the victims including those who have accused Major 1 of rape tend to withdraw cases.
  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri brother in law makes it in court. His name is mentioned, saying he is not a resident but visiting
Questions were raised as to how Bushiri and his wife obtained their diplomatic passports in Malawi where the Immigration Department is well known as one of the most corrupt institutions in that country.
 Major 1 has been telling airport personnel that he has diplomatic immunity in South Africa and that his luggage cannot be searched. He would then flash his diplomatic passport. The state says the couple have no diplomatic immunity in South Africa