Zambian Prophet Makes a U-TURN over Lungu's Victory 'prophecy
A Zambian Prophet, Ian Genesis who prophesied the victory of the incumbent president of ZambiaEdgar Chagwa Lungu(ECL) has made a shocking U-turn alleging that Heaven has changed its mind.
God has Changed His Mind!’
Speaking during a Live program on his official Facebook page yesterday,the  cleric revealed that prophets are human beings like any other person and can make mistakes;
“Jesus said that we must watch and pray…Meaning we must be careful when praying because anything can mislead us..And he also prayed that ‘don’t lead us into temptation.’.So sometimes something more spiritual than us  can try to push us into temptation”,Prophet Ian stated.
 Zambian Prophet Makes a U-TURN over Lungu's Victory 'prophecy
The cleric has since called upon ECL to accept the will of his people and never to go to court over the election results.
“ECL don’t go to court, God chose u but mankind went against that will, that is why people live in sin” – Prophet Ian Genesis said this morning.