Zari Hassan, her kids Tiffah and Nillan

Time for a family re-union

Millionaire and business woman Zari Hassan is aboard a Kenya Airways Plane taking her kids to Tanzania to meet their father Diamond Platnumz, after two years.
A number of photos and short videos shared by Zari shows her in the company of her two kids inside a plane, enjoying their trip to Tanzania.
Tiffah and Nillan had not seen their father face to face for close to 2 and a half years since the day Zari broke up with Platnumz on 14th Feb 2018. At some point they were talking through their lawyers because they had fallen apart.
Zari Hassan, her kids Tiffah and Nillan
However, mid this year, they patched things and confirmed that they are now co-parenting well.
Just the other day, Diamond’s Mother Mama Dangote had also revealed that she was preparing to receive her grandchildren after a long time of no see.
Ever since Zari and Diamond mended their relationship, Diamond revealed that he had been working on the day he will be receiving them in Tanzania.It has been a long time coming and it is happening guys!