ZARI THE BOSS LADY, Is Officially The Biggest Female Brand In Africa 
Zari is trending on Twitter in SA, Nigeria, and Kenya for all the good reasons. 98% agrees without Zari that show would have been boring. Which now makes Zari the Queen.
I am so proud of Zari and I hope she keeps her head up high. They badly want her to lower her standards so they outshine her but they must know she is THE BOSS LADY
If you were looking for a reality series that evokes luxury and success amongst the African elite, then Young, Famous & African needs to be on your list. The new reality show, now streaming on Netflix,, follows a group of successful African entertainers and entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, South Africa. The series has all the ingredients that make for a juicy reality Netflix binge: a few parts glamour, a sprinkle of mess, and finished with a hefty spoonful of drama.
Zari Hassan is an entrepreneur and socialite who hails from Uganda.
 She’s 41 years old and was previously married to Ivan Semwanga.
Zari can be found on Instagram (@zarithebosslady) with over 10M followers and writes in her IG bio: “Mummylicious, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador, Influencer, Philanthropist“.